Instrumental & Vocal Work

Fixed Media & Electronic Pieces

Interactive & Generative Work

Unspoken [for Craigslist personals and electronics in 4 channels] is a real time piece intended to be installed in a space and played continually as a meditation on the hopes and desires that may seem too personal to speak aloud. It pulls the text and titles from four…’categories’…of Craigslist personals. It whispers the text of four ads and randomly speaks aloud the titles picked from roughly 200 ads. The organ music is loosely based on pitches of the spoken words with some adjustments to give a greater range. Bells chime whenever the postings are updated.

How [Did We Get Here / Time Flies] is an interactive work using live flight information and tracking visuals. As people move throughout the installation space, location sensors play a ‘melody’ line.

Adagio [for River and People] is an interactive work using live river flow data from and motion sensor data from the installation site. Fundamental pitches fluctuate as the river flow changes, and audio effects are layered on top of the drone as people move throughout the room.

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