[Music for River and People]

April 5-29, 2018
John Seigenthaler Pedestrian Bridge, Nashville, TN

Music written by rivers, and moved by you.

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Rivive! Nashville River Talk April 26, Noon – 1pm (REGISTRATION REQUIRED): Increasing Water Stewardship with Public Art w/ Aaron Hoke Doenges

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Seigenthaler Pedestrian Bridge

We have a troublesome relationship with the rivers and streams that flow through our cities. At best they have become an avenue for economics, or venues entertainment. At worst, with all of the chaos of the environment, they are seen as a threat. What we forget is that these rivers bring us life; they have lives of their own. And my hope is that this project will give us a more instinctual connection to the waterways that sustain us.

Wade [Music for River and People] is an invitation for people to step into and create a musical experience with our rivers. It is an interactive music installation composed in real time by the flowing river and the movement of people. Real time data about the river’s depth and flow is pulled from the United States Geological Survey website and transformed into changing pitches and dynamics of the piece. As the river subtly changes over time the notes and volumes of the work also change, reflecting the movement of the river. New musical elements are added, and existing ones are modulated as people move throughout the installation space. The audience is immersed in, and changes, the sonic flow of the river around them.

GraphWade was designed to be installed on Pedestrian Bridges or river walks or water-side parks for three or four weeks at a time. The first installation will be from April 5-29, 2018 on the The John Seigenthaler Pedestrian Bridge in downtown Nashville, TN. The source of the data is customizable to nearly any waterway monitored by the USGS. For the installation in Nashville, data will reflect the Cumberland River, the Harpeth River, and Richland Creek.

Copy of rivive-logo-web-800pxThe Nashville installation is presented in partnership with the Nashville Waterways Consortium‘s Rivive! Nashville movement. Rivive! Nashville is a movement initiated by the five conservation groups of the consortium in an effort to revitalize Nashville’s streams and rivers. The rate of development in the area continues to threaten Nashville’s waterways and our relationship with them. Please check out the work that is happening with Rivive!, learn what is happening, and how you can help.

I am looking for additional cities and partners that might be interested in an installation of Wade [Music for River and People]. For more information, or if you would like to partner with me on this project, please contact me.

Funded in part by the Metropolitan Nashville Arts Commission.

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