Generative & Interactive Work

Generative & Interactive Work

Aaron Hoke Doenges‘ generative and interactive work focuses on data sonification and sharing the creative process. Utilizing the tools of   surveillance and data collection, he turns these cultural trends on their heads and uses them in support of collaborative creation rather than social manipulation and control. These works are designed to be installed and played continuously in a variety of spaces and locations.

Get Back to your [lfe]

Get Back to Your [Life] is a creative community engagement project organized as part of the South Corridor Transportation Study, led by the Greater Nashville Regional Council. The project was designed to help identify the challenges of maneuvering throughout the South Corridor (roughly through Davidson, Williamson and Maury counties) while prompting a collective imagination of a better future. Find out more about Get Back to Your [Life] here!

The Migratory Patterns of People

The Migratory Patterns of People is a generative work based on live GPS data from local transit departments. As the buses drive around the city, GPS data is updated, and the locations determine the pitches and visual patterns of the installation. The transit system turns the city into a musical instrument. More about Migratory Patterns here.

Wade [Music for River and People]

Wade [Music for River and People] is an interactive work using live river flow data from and motion sensor data from the installation site. Fundamental pitches fluctuate as the river flow changes, and audio effects are layered on top of the drone as people move throughout the room. More about Wade here.

How [Did We Get Here / Time Flies]

How [Did We Get Here / Time Flies] is an interactive work using live flight information and tracking visuals. As people move throughout the installation space, location sensors play a ‘melody’ line.