Aaron Doenges’ is a sound artist and composer who focuses on the sonification of data and musical interactivity. Utilizing freely available information and the presence of people, he algorithmically converts data into aural installations that develop based on interaction.

Taking queues from two seemingly oppositional philosophies, Doenges sees his work as a continuation of musical tradition. “The expressionists were all about control,” he says, “they assigned numbers to their notes and manipulated strings of them with math. Contrast that with the experimentalists; they wanted to free music from their control. Combine these ideas with contemporary computing processes and you have the ingredients for algorithmic composition: mathematically determined music released from the will of the composer.” He takes the ideas of two historical periods and brings them into contemporary application.

Doenges began his musical practice growing up in Mount Vernon, Ohio studying piano and trumpet performance. He enrolled in compositional studies at Mount Vernon Nazarene University in 2003, and in 2007 he moved to Nashville, TN to study Music at Belmont University and Theology and the Arts at Vanderbilt University. On completing his degree at Belmont, Doenges was inducted into the Pi Kappa Lambda National Music Honor Society for his work while in the program, and he was awarded the John Olin Knott award by the faculty at Vanderbilt.

From 2008-2011, Doenges co-founded and directed SoundCrawl, an international sound art festival and conference for digital and electronic sound art, composition and performance. After leaving the SoundCrawl organization, Doenges’ focus returned to his own work which has been featured in galleries, performance spaces, and on radio locally, nationally and internationally.

Currently, Doenges is in the studio working on several pieces and planning future shows and presentations. For further information, or if you would like to schedule a presentation of his work, please contact Aaron Hoke Doenges here.

Download a copy (pdf) here.


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