Aaron Hoke Doenges is a sound artist, composer, and educator based in Nashville, Tennessee. With influences ranging from classical icons to experimnetalists and contemporary popular acts, Doenges blends his unique electroacoustic style to explore the intersection of the natural and virtual worlds through aural collages, environments and experiences.

Doenges studied composition at Belmont University where he focused primarily on fixed media and instrumental works. While here, he often combined the two mediums in order to explore the interaction between the automated and the analog. On completing his degree, Doenges was inducted into the Pi Kappa Lambda National Music Honor Society for his work while in the program. Since his time at Belmont, Doenges’ work has turned toward more interactive pieces that focus on the sonification of data through machine processing and releasing control of the compositional process to the audience.

Recently, Doenges has expanded his work beyond composing to pursue a graduate degree in theological studies from Vanderbilt University. Here, he continued to focus on the intersection of the organic and the inorganic in contemporary music by examining the works of other  electroacoustic composers. He used these pieces to investigate the potential social, political and theological implications of the mind/body dualism foundational to contemporary post-human thinking. On finishing his degree, Doenges was awarded the John Olin Knott award for Scholarly Writing by the faculty at Vanderbilt.

Currently, Doenges is in the studio working on several interactive works and planning future shows and discussions. For further information, or if you would like to schedule a presentation of his work, please contact Aaron Hoke Doenges here.

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